Whether you are an employee wanting to discuss your rights at work, or an employer seeking assistance with your contractual obligations to your employees, Khalil Family Lawyers can provide you with advice and legal representation in any of these matters.

If you are an employee, Khalil Family Lawyers can assist you in:

  • Understanding your legal rights under The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)

  • Advise you of your rights under any award that is applicable to you

  • Explain to you the employement process including the terms of your contract

  • Provide you with legal representation in the situation you are unfairly dismissed from your employment, including advice as to whether there has been any demotion

  • Provide advice as to whether a redundancy is a genuine redundancy

If you are an Employer, Khalil Family Lawyers can assist you in:

  • The drafting of the organisations Letters of Engagement, Employment contract and organisational policies and procedures

  • Provide advice in relation to compliance with your obligations as an employer under The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and any Award

  • Provide advice in relations to any matter associated with and employees contractual engagement with the organisation

  • Provide representation in any litigation matter.

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